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20 Tips On How To Use Your Video Podcast As A Marketing Accelerator4 min read

How can you use Video Podcast as a strategic asset in your marketing mix. Here are 20 tip to accelerate your growth using video podcast.

Video Podcasts As A Marketing Tool

Today’s professionals have various marketing tools at their disposal, but the video podcast is occasionally underused. Podcasts are powerful marketing tools enabling firms to connect with a particular audience. Research shows that podcasts are effective in hyper-targeting listeners and offer a fair return on investment. The fact that podcasts are frequently instructive and informative adds value for listeners.

Let’s explore how video podcasts can be used as a marketing accelerator.

1. Select the appropriate format for the intended audience

It’s critical to select the proper format for your intended audience. Finding the popular podcast formats that will work best for you is vital since different forms will appeal to other individuals.

2. Attention-Getting Name

A catchy and straightforward to say podcast name is ideal. Additionally, it must correspond to your podcast’s theme. For instance, you could call your auto event “The Car Show” if it is about automobiles.

3. Keyword in the Title

Potential listeners can more easily locate your podcast online if you choose a title that includes a keyword.

4. Superior Quality Video/Audio

A robust microphone and excellent video resolution are essential for podcasting to engage listeners and promote your company.

5. Build Relationships with your Customers

By consistently listening to you, your audience gets the chance to get to know you better. They may then recognize themselves and establish a stronger bond with your brand.

6. Accessibility

You can listen to podcasts anywhere, at any time. Listeners may listen to podcasts as they work out, drive, take public transportation, or clean. Therefore, chances are high to market your brand.

7. Originality & Trust

Directly addressing your listeners builds trust. As a result, you should grab the microphone and talk directly, transparently, and honestly.

8. Assertiveness & Insistent

You may be quite particular with the subjects covered, addressing your target audience’s requirements, wants, and issues. By doing this, it keeps its current clientele and draws in new ones with a high chance of converting.

9. Sustainability

Some new listeners can find your video branding, who can then access previous material. Regular listeners can go back and retrieve things they may have forgotten or that they would like to comprehend more fully.

10. Exclusivity

It draws attention to you and sets you apart from your rivals. Increase network visibility with minimum effort.

11. Expert Knowledge Depiction

You are given a platform to skillfully communicate your knowledge and give listeners helpful information by using podcasts/video marketing while building a reputation for your business as a legitimate authority in the industry.

12. Develop Interest in Content

Incorporating a podcast into your marketing plan is an efficient approach to raise awareness of your company. It may display your company in a way that appeals to your clients and consumers.

13. Fun & Engaging Marketing

If possible, steer clear of direct sales approaches in podcasts! While promoting podcast offers, goods, and services is OK, the podcast’s primary goal should be to provide exciting and educational content.

14. Invite Other podcasters

increased audience reach and improved marketing outcomes. You will undoubtedly be exposed to a new audience of possible leads, whether your speciality has an audience of 1,000 or 10,000 individuals.

15. Promote Across all Social Networks

Make sure to let your social media fans know about your new podcast. Ensure your content and calls to action point users straight to the channel where the resources are accessible.

16. Acquire Sponsorships

Look for businesses that currently sponsor other podcasts since they are more inclined to think about supporting you than a business that has no experience in the field.

17. Post Recurring Broadcasts

Avoid posting on an erratic timetable. People enjoy organizing their podcasts. Your listeners can plan their schedules so that they don’t miss any updates if you broadcast every Tuesday or Friday.

18. Spend on Advertisements for Podcasts

You may quickly increase the number of people who listen to your podcast episodes by using paid podcast marketing techniques.

19. Make a Landing Page or a Podcast Website

The best strategy to advertise your podcast is to build a podcast website or landing page. This provides you with a location to present your event and disseminate brand information.

20. Blog Posts

Blogging can raise your website’s search engine rating and increase visitors to the page where your podcast is hosted. Additionally, bogging can assist you in creating a podcast-specific online community.

Great Examples
  1. Hubspot Video Blog

HubSpot is a CRM platform that helps businesses scale from the angle of user experience (UX)

  1. Marie Farelo Video Podcast – Guest Seth Godin

Marie Forleo is a famous entrepreneur and also a best-selling author of the New York Times

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