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I help Businesses Grow using Video content and Google SEA Campaigns

SOURCEDBLACK is primary a video production company but,…with a twist. After working as a Google account strategist for the Dutch Market managing and optimising different Google Ads campaigns for many different businesses SOURCEDBLACK now only produces video content that helps with your marketing efforts.

Content Creation and Content Delivery

There are many different forms of video that can be made SOURCEDBLACK focusses on just a few of them that you can find on our homepage. They are:

They are chosen because of the high impact they potentially hold for your business goals such as finding and qualifying leads, full brand activation and create an expert position. SOURCEDBLACK doesn’t stop with content creation. I know to drive traffic using a mix of SEA campaigns and SEO optimalisation. Or Content Creation and Content Delivery.


Back in 2018 when I did my first paid photography gig I realised something. Something I could not grasp at that time. Back then e-commerce enterpreneurs hired me for their content creation (fashion and e-commerce photography).
They distributed the content on social media and waited to blow up, what of course did not happen.

Fast forward I’ve learned the “secret” to get your content seen cross-media by getting a job at Google and helping countless of businesses use SEA to get ahead of the game.

During this time my focus shifted form photography more towards video. I love the technical approach of choosing the right microphones, setting the mood with good lighting and setting up each shot in advance. But the real magic is in the editing. This is where the story comes to life.

Nowadays I love to combine the creative aspect of video and the marketing aspect of content delivery.

So what about the name SOURCEDBLACK?

To start a video and set up the light we often start with reducing all of the light to zero so there is no spill anywhere we don’t want to. After this we add a key light, fill light, rim- hair- and accent lights. Then we shit toward the rest of the space to make it more appealing using practicals and accents.

In industry jargon, we call this a “black canvas”. For me, it is the source of photography and videography, hence the name – SOURCEDBLACK

SOURCEDBLACK® was founded in 2018. The name derives from the way photographers and videographers work.

short movie scene
short movie scene
short movie scene

Magazine Features

Photography features

  • LeDesir Magazine (cover)
  • Poza (cover)
  • VSZN Magazine (cover)
  • Edith Glamour Magazine
  • New Face Magazine
  • Modellenland (multiple times)
  • Picton Magazine (multiple times)
  • The Only One Magazine

Tools of the Trade

Sometimes the measure of professionally is determined by the tools of the trade. Despite that I believe I can shoot a better video with your iPhone than you can with my cinema rig here is a sump of what tools are available in house:

  • Main camera: Zcam Dedicated Cinema Camera capable of 240fps slomotion and 12bit Apple Prores RAW recording
  • Secondary camera: Nikon hybrid Camera capable of 60fps slomotionand 10bit Apple Prores 422 recording
  • Extra camera: Panasonic hybrid Camera capable of 60fps slomotionand 10bit Apple Prores 422 recording
  • Cinema glas and stills glas.
  • A lot of different video lights and our own production studio
  • Sound Devices audio recorder
  • All different microphones including a shotgun on a boom and wireless reporter and lavelier microphones
  • A 5 meter rail to support a Dolly
  • A small videocrane / jib
  • A DJI Gimball for super smooth shots
  • A Shoulder rig for run and gun types of shoots like reportages
  • Live streaming hardware like multiview monitors and live production switchers

Do you all need this stuff to make a good video? No but it will make it more easy to do so. Like mentioned before the real quality is the person using the gear.